lavender hill farm pumpkins

One of the best things about family, is the traditions. Sometimes you wonder how they ever came to be a special part of marking a season, event or holiday, sometimes you can't imagine being without them. Sometimes you choose to go out of your way to create and sustain a tradition and sometimes they fall in your lap, snuggle up close and just never go away.  So far in our short family life, this sweet little spot of pumpkin patch has become something we do. No rides, save the tree swing; no sweet treat except whatever you packed in the car, mostly it is just dirt, some dried up vines, bugs, a whole load of every pumpkin imaginable, and a smiling face to greet you when you arrive. 
Lavender Hill Farms has just made it on our traditions list (at least in my book) and I hope we enjoy this little bit of patch for many autumn to come. 

finding the $10 hoop

ol' ironsides


pinkie pie

dragon's egg

on the hunt

everyone gets a ride on the rope swing

loved the way this one was ready for next year

under the oak tree

red cheeks

our load this year


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