the ways of september

This September has been a full one. Full of new activities, school work, new lessons, heat, and minutes here and there at the piano.  Sadie has begun her violin lessons at the university. Since that class is large and they are all beginners, she has been bored by its slow pace. So much so that she has taken it upon herself to learn all the songs in Emma's piano book. No, your right, she has no lessons in piano but that is nothing to stop her. Together we have sort of figured out how to read the music, at least in lesson 1 and 2. After that she has just been trying things until it seems to sound like a song. Hopefully this next week will bring something more than just holding the bow, some actual sound making, some holding the instrument, some thing a bit more than listening and holding a pencil.

We have had the first outdoor soccer games to attend, as Emma improves with every practice and game. And although she has to run and run, she still seems to love it just as much as it is a challenge to her. Emma also started with her piano lessons. She seems to enjoy it and comes home with a new little song to practice each time, which she shares with Sadie and they play together.

In order to fulfill the needs of both music lessons, we were grateful to receive the piano that sat in my grandparents living room my entire growing up. I remember banging and delicately playing those keys many times, thinking I was making some beautiful music, but never more than that. I am hoping this century old piano with hold out for these early lessons, and if the need arises that she just can't carry a tune anymore and new piano can take her place. But it is a gift to have this old piano in my home, one that reminds me just how much my grandparents gave to others and how their generosity continues to come to fruition.

The heat, oh the heat. It has come and go like it can't decide whether to let fall begin or give another summer show. The heat has put us under umbrellas a soccer games, sunburnt our tender agaves, blending up slushies regularly, wishing for the cool night time breezes of fall, holding off planting cool weather crops in our open garden spots and heading to the beach when we really need a dip in cool water.

The month has been full. Time to turn the page, maybe pick a few apples up in the mountains, head to our favorite pumpkin patch, bake a fall pie, and pull out the sewing machine for Halloween costumes. It looks to be another full month ahead.


Wonderful to see the piano again. Can't wait to hear the Sadie & Emma duets!

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