around the piano

With the sun heading east earlier these days, it seems there are more things going on inside, in the center of our home in which the piano makes its home.  There is not one pass made in front of the piano without a few notes tapped or banged or artfully put together. And with thirty fingers eager to touch the keys, there seems to be no end to music echoing through the halls of our home. 
There is also a chair or stool on either side of the piano at all times, welcoming a sit to read or stitch or have quiet time or to pull into the kitchen for stirring or reaching. All the girls suddenly remembered the craft of stitching this past week and so thread, cloth and hoops were strewn about holding current "may never be finished" projects. Avery is most fond of elephants and purple right now. She had on piece going of a purple elephant, but the purple thread went missing so a pink pig was drawn out. 


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