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I am so far behind, there is really no good place to start. This month of December has been rushing by as is its nature. So with all intentions to post one day or maybe the next, I find myself with a few pictures of some of our days.

::Early morning light on projects started.
:: Cat sleeping in the the most uncomfortable of places.
::Blooming cactus in December
:: Warm afternoon sunlight
:: Sneaky midnight bed swaps
:: Tree decorating
:: All of us just the other afternoon

I ate a cookie...

Avery,"I ate a cookie from the Christmas tree."
Nate,"You ate a cookie from the Christmas tree?!"
Avery," Not actually, just a pretend cookie."


Testing mobile posting. Recent photos of miss Avery from my phone.


Nathan and I are in the office discussing a survey I am about to write, and Emma comes in asking, "Mama, do you have any gold star thingies?"
"What do you mean, star thingies?"
"Like gold star stickers or something that your wear?"
"You mean, badges?"
In unison, Nathan and I reply,"We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

Emma rolls her eyes and heads back to whatever chaos is going down in Sadie's room. Ha!