I am so far behind, there is really no good place to start. This month of December has been rushing by as is its nature. So with all intentions to post one day or maybe the next, I find myself with a few pictures of some of our days.

::Early morning light on projects started.
:: Cat sleeping in the the most uncomfortable of places.
::Blooming cactus in December
:: Warm afternoon sunlight
:: Sneaky midnight bed swaps
:: Tree decorating
:: All of us just the other afternoon


Alisha said…
I cannot believe how big Avery is. The other two don't shock me as much, since I KNOW they are growing bigger, just as my two of the same ages are, but Avery??? She's a whole, big kid now.

I hope all of you Heckmans have a wonderful Christmas!!!
Papa said…
Great "winter" photos from San Diego!

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