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afternoon silliness


batteries not included

necessary for using an incredi-ball:

grassy area
electric pump
car adaptor for electric pump
strong fingers
gas in the car
time to blow up all 40 some odd pentagons
kids who think it was worth the wait

our new friend Coco

She is a sweet little thing.  She loves people and is most tolerant of a three year old hanging on her and bossing her around.  The handler who showed her to us said we were lucky to have her, and she was quite on point. Her house manners are very good, she needs a little work when walking on the leash, and she and Sylvie have yet to have a close encounter, but I think eventually they may just tolerate each other.

spinning the new record player


a little bit of Christmas

I was a horrible photographer this Christmas. I forgot to pick up the camera entirely on our San Diego celebration. I chose not to pack my camera on our Colorado trip and so here we are with a just a hint of holiday.

:: Christmas tree decorating at Grammy's

:: Avery's Christmas Program at school