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paper bonnets

Monday after the race, Emma needed an extra day of rest. She had a headache and a stomach ache. The   cold that everyone has around school had finally hit her hard. After heading to school and participating in the hula hoop demonstration, she really wanted to be home. So home we went to do just about nothing or anything that did not require much energy.  Emma found her way to an old craft book I picked up at a rummage sale and preceded to make anything she could that was easy. First there was a paper whistle. Next were these paper bonnets. Avery got one as well, since Emma's looked so fun and fashionable.

birthday baking

We had to throw Papa a little party before he left to spend his birthday in Yosemite with Nana.  At his request we had lasagna dinner and I tried a new recipe I found that had his name written all over it.  It was the June cake from a year of cakes put out by the Food Network mag this January.  Chocolate cake with a strawberry ice cream center, topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Yes, June is a more appropriate month to find fresh strawberries and the ice cream in the center would be lovely on a bright summer day, but this is San Diego, so June weather is probably not to far off, maybe Thursday this week. Happy Birthday, Papa!

more dashing

Emma is telling her running partner how she got a giant bruise on her elbow the day before in her basketball game. Yes, we had a lot of sporting events, Emma with two games the previous day and Sadie with one later in the day after this race.  Just wait until Avery starts playing stuff!

 Nathan making some progress after the first turn around.

Emma doing some walking after the first turn around.

Sadie is looking to the finish line.

Sadie heading in to finish just under 29 min for the 5k.

Emma pulling in to the finish line, completing her first 5K.

avery + coco

Avery has been quite busy these days with commanding Coco here and there, giving snacks, or giving and taking toys. They play in the sun and nap on the couch. For Avery, just being close to her, hugging  her, leading her back and forth, telling her to sit and stay, telling her to "drop it", all of these things seem to fill an afternoon and Coco is always up for being busy with her, or napping, if Avery sees fit.
They seem to wear each other out sometimes and being together is better than being on one's own, don't you agree?