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Easter excursion on Kauai

After Easter morning scones and coffee we headed out with Nana and Papa to see the sea turtles. About a 15 minute walk later we had seen said sea turtles, plus an eel escaping from a tide pool and a breaching whale off the coast, and much more.

happy easter!


a reminder to stop and listen

So much of our time spent together is in a rush, getting from one place to the next. A transition without much time to stop and be quiet, to open up, to listen, to look up, to notice what is different or what has not changed.

From this morning:

Emma:" I think when I grow up I should make movies from books."
Me: a quizzical look.
Emma:" Because when I read a book, I can see everything in my head. Like, just how everything should be. In "The Candy Makers", the building was just a big metal building with all these rooms along the sides."

These moments make me realize that those small times when you are together and do slow down, make a change, create space for more, and are so important. Always read.

even the dog plays


Silvie cat

Silvie stayed away for two days, but she's home now and we're helping her with her injured leg. She's not as grumpy as she looks!

saturday morning movie

"Avery, what job do you want to be when you are a grown up? What do you want to do?"

"I want to make pretend bubbles and pretend hearts, out of paper."

saturday night fire

Winter was not supposed to hamper our fire making. Somehow though, it did. So here is our first of 2013, helping to clear out the twenty or so pounds of pine cones the winter storms have knocked down. Next time I think we will bring out some games because the kids wrestling around the fire drives me nuts.

avery says

A:" Is that a lady or a man?"
Me: "Yes."
A:"Ok, good."

what dorothy wore to violin today



Got to painting again today. Thinking of what will be next.

a mouse ate my cake



Avery and Coco played with a teddy bear caterpillar together. It tried to hide under Coco's foot.



pine needle basket

Here is my first attempt at basket making. I was inspired by a woman weaving in Old Town from needles her neighbor gave her.
This was made from our own Torrey pine needles.

Sadie at Biz Town

Sadie was the Editor of the U-T San Diego at Biz Town, put on by Junior Achievement through Dana Middle school. She was great, it was fun, and they produced a newspaper by the end of the day. Very proud of that girl!