a reminder to stop and listen

So much of our time spent together is in a rush, getting from one place to the next. A transition without much time to stop and be quiet, to open up, to listen, to look up, to notice what is different or what has not changed.

From this morning:

Emma:" I think when I grow up I should make movies from books."
Me: a quizzical look.
Emma:" Because when I read a book, I can see everything in my head. Like, just how everything should be. In "The Candy Makers", the building was just a big metal building with all these rooms along the sides."

These moments make me realize that those small times when you are together and do slow down, make a change, create space for more, and are so important. Always read.


Papa said…
Well done, Emma.
Yes Emma! Can't wait to see all those fabulous movies you create!

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