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Last violin recital for the semester

Sadie wrapped up her 2 semesters of The Strings Project at PLNU with her second recital. She did great. Grammy came, too.

birthday weekend

We celebrated Emma's eighth year this weekend with friends and family from near and far. It was so nice to have everyone here and hard to see them go so soon, but we are thankful for the effort to be here.

emma and i are excited

April is great for many reasons, two of which are rhubarb and strawberries. Another reason...Emma.

For some reason, I only have one daughter who agrees that pie is wonderful. It makes a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Then, of course, dessert!

things I missed while in Kauai


hot day

(I found this today as I cleaned one ten year-old's room. There are GEMS in there!)
One day I was taking a walk in the spring,
And started to notice a most peculiar thing.
I was starting to float up into the air
And turning the palest, most very fair
Color I could barely see my own self
Like clear vases very up high on my shelf.
As I floated so terribly high in the breeze
I saw something no one really ever sees
I would tell, I really would, what I saw way up there,
But as I tried to see what it was, the air,
It got so very chilly I started to shiver,
Like water trickling slowly down a small river.
And then, all of a sudden, like something unheard of,
I literally froze, then fell to the ground with a thud.
I was back to my old normal self again.
And that's how it all happened, my friend.

Beach, chickens, feral cats & a birthday

Sonja and Cortney joined the crew in Kauai. Beach activities, shopping, Spouting Horn, and a birthday dinner for Cortney! Also saw more and more chickens, some tourist-friendly feral cats, another whale and a monk seal.

Out and about

Monday on Kauai... a trip to the Menehune Ditch (Google it), a walk through some shops in historic Hanapepe town (including "the western-most independent bookstore of the United States"), some shave ice (with and without ice cream), dinner and gear shopping in Koloa.