hot day

(I found this today as I cleaned one ten year-old's room. There are GEMS in there!)


One day I was taking a walk in the spring,
And started to notice a most peculiar thing.
I was starting to float up into the air
And turning the palest, most very fair
Color I could barely see my own self
Like clear vases very up high on my shelf.
As I floated so terribly high in the breeze
I saw something no one really ever sees
I would tell, I really would, what I saw way up there,
But as I tried to see what it was, the air,
It got so very chilly I started to shiver,
Like water trickling slowly down a small river.
And then, all of a sudden, like something unheard of,
I literally froze, then fell to the ground with a thud.
I was back to my old normal self again.
And that's how it all happened, my friend.


Papa said…
Very nice, Sadie.
Sadie, you never cease to amaze me!!
Love you!!

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