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Sadie's field trip

Sadie's class was able to visit the courthouse on a field trip this year. I loved hearing her talk about what she thought it would be like (before), then what it was actually like. Her thank you note is amazing as well...

Emma's questions

Amazing stuff from this amazing girl. Part of her school work this year.

give me more friday::hairdos and a show

Emma and I went for hair cuts together. Fun stuff. I think Emma was very nervous, but everything turned well.
Later, we went to see The Little Mermaid, a CYT production. It was really well done. Everyone enjoyed it and Sadie saw some of her classmates who were performing.


Going through photo files, I found this little short of Avery, before endless chatter and long blond curls.
I love seeing how she was then and how it is just a reflection of who she is becoming everyday as she grows. She makes me smile. I see her assertiveness, her toughness, her sense of humor and it all just makes me smile and thankful for this moment that would have never been remembered.

love this girl


garden goods

The garden is growing! Our first pickling cucumber has already made its way into a sweet jar of brine. Early this morning, I was in the garden undoing tunnels put in by a gopher who, as is tradition ate a pepper plant again this year. My intention was to put in traps, but instead I removed the tunnel entirely, following through the plot and out into the pathway. i have figured that gophers for the most part like to take the easy route, so removing the tunnel and filling it back in seems to keep them away as well.
There was a dozen bulbs of garlic pulled this morning as well, should keep the vampires and all else out of the house.
Everything is growing much quicker this year and I am looking forward to the season's harvest.


I want a wand that makes books that I want to read.

All year honor roll

We are proud of this girl.

give me more Friday

I spent a good deal of time this week working, teaching, and just being in the garden. At school, at home, at the community garden, there is just so much growing, soaking up sun and water, creating new leaves, flowers, roots. It is unbelievably amazing what God has created in every living thing, each with its own purpose, most of which we can only guess at.
So here is some of it, there is more, under a leaf, a top that sunflower, a surprise awaits you. Open your eyes, breath deeply, watch, listen. A bee will buzz a tune, that bird will song you a song, and if you are patient, if you stop and watch, there is a stage in front of you with characters performing something you may have seen once before, something you may never see again, something you can share for the rest of your days. There is a lot going on out there, get out and see.

night night

Some nights, when naps were late in the day, one little girl finds it hard to settle in to her bed no matter how many times the covers have been " flatted", or trips down the hall, or kisses blown for good night, or even after remembering she did not brush her teeth which led to giggling and silliness. There is one place that brings on sleepy eyes and snores. My side of the bed.

crazy weedy garden harvest

Arugula, thyme, oregano, lavender, garlic, green onions, mint

Emma's Family

Amazing school project by Emma

Give me more Friday


Treat Friday


things kids think about

Emma," In iCarly when you get in trouble a lot, like Sam, you get kicked out of school. But I think you should get school for the rest of your life, because not being in school is more fun."

the rest of the birthday details...


little miss point guard



We have to wait to pick up Emma on Thursdays. Today we went for a walk around the block. Avery loves flowers and there were a lot to enjoy.