garden goods

The garden is growing! Our first pickling cucumber has already made its way into a sweet jar of brine. Early this morning, I was in the garden undoing tunnels put in by a gopher who, as is tradition ate a pepper plant again this year. My intention was to put in traps, but instead I removed the tunnel entirely, following through the plot and out into the pathway. i have figured that gophers for the most part like to take the easy route, so removing the tunnel and filling it back in seems to keep them away as well.
There was a dozen bulbs of garlic pulled this morning as well, should keep the vampires and all else out of the house.
Everything is growing much quicker this year and I am looking forward to the season's harvest.


Alisha said…
Those are some gorgeous pickles!! I'm glad there won't be any vampires there to steal them from you.

I have a bit of garden envy. (But NO gopher envy.)
Papa said…
Use garlic in the pickles??

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