give me more Friday

I spent a good deal of time this week working, teaching, and just being in the garden. At school, at home, at the community garden, there is just so much growing, soaking up sun and water, creating new leaves, flowers, roots. It is unbelievably amazing what God has created in every living thing, each with its own purpose, most of which we can only guess at.
So here is some of it, there is more, under a leaf, a top that sunflower, a surprise awaits you. Open your eyes, breath deeply, watch, listen. A bee will buzz a tune, that bird will song you a song, and if you are patient, if you stop and watch, there is a stage in front of you with characters performing something you may have seen once before, something you may never see again, something you can share for the rest of your days. There is a lot going on out there, get out and see.


Even strange blue handed wee ones!
Sonja said…
Slow down, stop and listen. Love it!

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