in the garden:

Work in the garden continues. The strawberries are nice, a few each morning, but are about to be pulled to make room for more herbs. This time I was thinking summer iced tea and further into winter hot tea. There is peppermint and chamomile to add and fennel for tea maybe or some lovely fall salads. (I am thinking sliced root.)
Tomatoes are coming along nicely, with every plant holding its first cluster of fruit. This time last year, I had giant plants and no flowers, making our "early girl" tomato harvest not come to pass until late July. This year I should have a few nice fruit by mid-June, but I do need to add amendment asap to boost the growth and get ready for the twenty some squash and pumpkin starts we will be sharing with the school garden.
Lastly, I really need to get one, and only one, zucchini in the ground. I have found a way to cook them up so everyone eats them, except Avery. I still have time with her, repeat the offering and eventually they will come around.
I put some blackberry canes in this year and they seem  to be stalling. I am hoping with continuous compost additions, they will reach a happy moisture level and really get going. (Otherwise, there is always next year!)


Papa said…
Forgot to get a pumpkin start, when I was there Monday. Need one.

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