lazy days of summer

        These two are just silly, either one is happy to nap wherever the other may already have landed. My dog girl found a true friend.

Watermelon for breakfast.

I have fallen in love with zinnias, colors of summer.

Emma published a cook book with her class. A summer crumble was a friend's contribution she has made her own with a little help from one who tends to generally follow the idea of a recipe rather than follow it to a tee. (We added an extra cup of oats and 1/2 cup of flour to the topping.) She has made one with raspberries and one with blackberries. I think we need to work in some others, one with peaches and another with blueberries. I am so happy to see her trailing me around and asking to help with the things everyone else avoids.


Papa said…
...and strawberries????
Papa said…
The Watermelon and pie for breakfast tradition?

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