old town afternoon

The girls made a list on things to do this summer. Old Town made the list including a visit to the Whaley House, which is rumored to be haunted. Emma bought a magazine at school published by another second grade class in which one of the articles expounded on one second grader's visit and opinions of the experience. So this is how it made the list of things we must do. 
It was a gray afternoon of high clouds and humidity that meet us when we arrived. We also met this burro, and he bowed when making our acquaintance.   

We were called to attention by a loud braying but once met, we found that this burro was not to be ridden. So Avery quickly found a substitute and insisted on photographic documentation.

Sadie and Emma also felt the need to get in the saddle and were accommodated.

Soon we found ourselves in the famed Whaley House and upon crossing the threshold Emma and Avery attached themselves firmly to me, white knuckles and all.  We visited the courthouse room and the general store front during the first half of the tour.

We saw the small kitchen and well appointed dining room, before heading upstairs to view bedrooms and a small theatre.

As I looked out of the second floor window, it was this pink hydrangea bush which caught my attention rather than the rumored scent of Mrs Whaley's perfume or sight of the dog on the stairs so often mentioned by those looking for the supernatural.

After leaving the historic Whaley House and visiting the grave yard mentioned in the tour, we walked through the patio garden of Casa de Estudillo which I decided needed to be our new home once it goes up for sale. It has a cistern for water storage, raised bed gardens, an outdoor bread oven and indoor kitchen as well. Even though there is no running water, the walls are three feet thick and should insulate against the heat as well as the cold. We each picked out a bedroom, mine would be the one pictured above.

After making bedroom arrangements, I dragged them to the candy store. I am sure that all of the previous activities were what they really wanted to do, but somehow I was able to get them in the door. 
How I got them out is another story.


Papa said…
Yellow Cassia blooms!

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