We walked, biked and scootered to the garden park(a church with the community garden, playground, and dog run) right around the corner from our home.
I have to make regular visits to water our garden and we have meet friends with dogs who like to play with Coco.
But the kids tend to groan when it is time to go either to run the dog or the hose over the garden. Walking to the garden usually improves the mood as little ones get to ride their current favorite moving
contraption. As of now, Avery picks the razor scooter, Emma just bought herself a brand new yellow Schwinn, and Sadie has added a basket to my 1947 vintage Schwinn and made it her own for time being.
The big girls go ahead and meet us at the park. Avery, Coco and I make our way together.
Today I loved her ponytail and her mix of tie dye and pattern.


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