autumn to winter

It has been a exceptional season of sunsets this fall. Nightly the clouds changed and glowed with the most amazing colors. You could watch the colors change in the reflection of light on the sides of buildings, windows or the faces of those you were with. The color was just this bold. 

And then at the glimpse of pink in a window or fiery red on the house next, you turned to see the clouds illuminated. It was amazing. Sometimes is snuck up on you, just as the sun hit the horizon, the color would begin.

Some days you just knew by the way the clouds were shifting and the light was floating through them that tonight was going to be full of color.

This night we saw the color start just as the sun hit the water. We raced to get here, to get this photo.  And the photo is just a reminder of how truly amazing the view was, because it was greater than this photo. Sadie and I gawked, ooh-ed and ahh-ed as the color grew and then shrank, becoming more and more intense.


Alisha said…
Gorgeous! It looks like the sky is on FIRE!

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