cabin camping

Emma has joined the Girl Scouts and all the goes along with it. Lucky for us, the leader loves to camp, and what other reason would you want to be a Girl Scout? Learn to build a fire, canoe, ride a horse, craft, and hike all in the company of friends old and new? Ok, well that was my motivation. But I think Emma enjoys it all in a similar kind of way.

Our lovely leader planned a gold mine tour. It was really great! The girls panned for actual gold which of course was meant to be left behind for the next paying "miners for the day". Emma found some flecks with a guessed value of $10. 
After teasing with finding gold, we went on a walking tour of equipment used in the area of Julian in 1870's and we walked into the mountain through parts of the actual mine. It was dark and dirty. Our guide brought us deep into the mine, to the foreman's desk where he had lights equaling the light output of a candle. It was very dim. Then the lights went out and that dark was deep. The miners would save their candles for working and would walk along the cart rails in the dark in and out of the mine. 

Later that day, as we were heading back to camp to lunch, some dark, heavy clouds showed on the horizon. I had a feeling we would be seeing more rain like the night we arrived. Soon enough the clouds were over head, but nothing much was coming of them until the girls started their fire starting lesson. It was big wet drops that first came down, and then after a few minutes break, down fell the snowy hail. It was weird! The girls ran and screamed in excitement, many seeing snow falling for the first time ever. It rolled down the roofs and gathered in cracks, but it really did not stick for anytime.  The girls made the most of it. You would have thought there were piles and piles all around.


Looks like a fun filled adventure!

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