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With three girls around, there can be, well... rather there always is a lot of talking. In fact, if three girls are in the same room with me, there are most likely three conversations aimed at me. I must admit that most of the time, none of them are being received, at least not with total clarity. Words come and bounce, some are covered by others. Some wait patiently or not for a response. I find myself saying, "Sorry, what did you say?" repeatedly.
Recently I read a blurb about how we are only capable of hearing and understanding one conversation at a time, that our female brain is better at blocking out one conversation, in order to hear another, even if it is across the room.

A favorite quote from today:
Avery:"There is nothing that I don't really care about."

Trying to sleep, here.


one adjective an eleven year old uses to describe everything out of the ordinary


garden love


sunny days::march


Kids Googling

Sadie Googles some interesting things. 

Best Kids Ever


monday morning garden

Green cabbage, green onion, scabiosa, chamomile, oregano, mint, sweet pea, Luciano kale, French thyme, wild arugula