Emma's favorite pie

Thanks to friendly farmers in Washington, the local co-op had some lovely, red, organic rhubarb and local organic strawberries. Those two things only come around here once a year. The strawberries tend to last until the end of summer but that rhubarb is fleeting.

I had high hopes to harvest some tart stalks of our own when I picked up a bare root (rhizome?) at the nursery. I planted it, watered it and watched for some green the come out of the ground, but it was not to be. Yes, growing a rain loving plant here in the coastal desert
is if-y, at best. 

With high hopes for blackberries later this summer I have also put in a couple bushes of those as well. Fingers crossed!

But I may leave the rhubarb growing up to those Northern latitude farmers, and grab it while I can. Emma has made it known that she is up for more of the same as long as the stores are carrying it.


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