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Friday night summer

Avery and I didn't go to the birthday party, so we had some retail and home entertainment instead. 


building stuff

So far one kid likes to build stuff, it's Emma. We are aiming for completion on this super quick project, many have been abandoned when parents are unwilling to help(ah-hmm) or the right something or other can't be found.  Our goal here is a napkin holder. We are using cedar fencing as that is the lightest weight wood we could find in the wood pile. That is how it works around here, make do with what we have. It is your lucky day if someone is willing to drive and pick up what missing. This is what summer is good for.

summer sewing

Pins, patterns, tops and pillowcases.

Where I am From

Where I am From 
By Sadie Heckman

I am from the fallen avocado tree,
From stubborn sprouts that wouldn't grow.
I am from seeking lost treasures under the surface
And scabby knees and scraped elbows.
I am from sleepless nights outside, fearing the worst
Thinking eight legs and hour glasses would come and bite me.

I am from too many kids in this bed,
From hide-and-seek in the dryer.
I am from running in slippery socks
And yelling at neighbor kids over the fence.
I am from succulents hanging from weak wooden beams,
And softly creaking in the breeze.

I am from cheese and jelly sandwiches
Blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles.
A California girl to New Jersey and back.
And I am from Emma and Avery
The best little sisters in the whole wide world.

I am from Grandma's cinnamon treats
The swirls of delight we eat every Christmas morning.
I am from Mama's chocolate cake,
So rich and chocolaty,
With melt-in-your mouth frosting, like a chocolate waterfall on my tongue.
I am from the bitt…

More photos from Chelsea King Invitational Mile

From the event's official photographer.

tonight from the garden

There are two pairs of blue birds who have been calling the garden home. Late in the summer they go to their other home, but each year they come back and sit on the gate or the stakes in my garden.  They fly past me, swooping from one outlook to another. I stop to watch them and they do the same. On to another task like a trip to the shed, and he follows me, landing here and there. Flashing blue and the blush of his chest, I look up and he looks down. Then back I go back the other way, he twitters and calls, swooping down to the ground and back up his post above. My garden feeds him and his family, we help each other. 

Sadie's garden

This summer Sadie is growing watermelon, the 20lb variety. Last year, she struggled with corn (the gophers ate it) and tried pumpkins without any luck.

chick party

Avery's class hatched 11 chicks and had a party to celebrate their arrival. They set out a pool, layed down paper and straw, opened their incubator, taught them to drink and hand fed the little babies. It was a big deal! The chicks lived in a chick condo in the classroom for two weeks and are now back home on the farm.

Another podium for Sadie!

Back at the Chelsea King Invitational mile - this year on the big track at Balboa Stadium. Sadie medaled, finishing 3rd for 6th grade girls with a 6:29. Finished strong with a last lap of 1:32. Fun event for everyone!