Where I am From

Where I am From 
By Sadie Heckman

I am from the fallen avocado tree,
From stubborn sprouts that wouldn't grow.
I am from seeking lost treasures under the surface
And scabby knees and scraped elbows.
I am from sleepless nights outside, fearing the worst
Thinking eight legs and hour glasses would come and bite me.

I am from too many kids in this bed,
From hide-and-seek in the dryer.
I am from running in slippery socks
And yelling at neighbor kids over the fence.
I am from succulents hanging from weak wooden beams,
And softly creaking in the breeze.

I am from cheese and jelly sandwiches
Blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles.
A California girl to New Jersey and back.
And I am from Emma and Avery
The best little sisters in the whole wide world.

I am from Grandma's cinnamon treats
The swirls of delight we eat every Christmas morning.
I am from Mama's chocolate cake,
So rich and chocolaty,
With melt-in-your mouth frosting, like a chocolate waterfall on my tongue.
I am from the bitter smell of chilies roasting in the oven
And swatting thousands of irritating fruit flies.

I am from many generations of amazing people,
From beautiful memories that could circle the globe.
From shelves and shelves of faces who have lost their color.
All of these wonderful things
Make up me
And the strong branches
Of my family tree.


Papa said…
Well written, Sadie. Keep writing/ composing.
Beautiful Sadie! Your poems are always a wonderful adventure to read!
Sonja said…
Absolutely amazing!!!

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