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from the garden

We were graced with rain today, buckets full. I was so happy for my garden, I think the tomatoes were smiling when I glanced their way when locking the gate on my way home.

What is green and growing in our garden:
-A watermelon! -Cucumbers and tomatoes, with bunches of big green tomatoes waiting their turn to blush. -Zinnias! I love these ladies in my garden. Some are from seed, while others were starts from the nursery. Next year I will use only seed. -Herbs and lavender are clean and happy with the rain and humid heat the last week has provided. -At home, a rescued pomegranate who had lost all her leaves, is green again! Not too sure if the sun is enough where I planted her, but I think pomegranates were made to make do.


Ah, another year of growing up. So many firsts happened this year, as well as some "last times".
This first girl of mine, she is just great. We have done a lot together. Some times it seems with the first child you enter the world of parenthood, holding hands, figuring it all out together. Sometimes I have led the way, and there are other times when she pulls me ahead, knowing just where to go next.
It is a good thing I have such a great girl to do this with. She is forgiving, as I mess up a lot.
And when she gets knocked down, I am there to help her up, dust her off and tell her she can keep going.

Things she loves now:
be with friends
play basketball
paint, draw and write
act and direct her own movies
be silly
be in the ocean
help her littlest sister

Happy Birthday Sadie!

At the Beach

After coming up from diving under a wave, Emma declares:

"Okay. That was EXTREME."

Driving Miss Emma

After we watched the last few holes of the British Open this morning, Emma had the idea to head to the driving range again. Sadie and Avery lost enthusiasm for the idea by the afternoon, so it was just me and Emma. She's a no-nonsense golfer, this girl. See the ball, hit the ball. She even got a fancy new glove. 

Friday Cousins

Had a great day re-connecting (and connecting) with cousins out from Maryland. There was beach time and house time, too, but just this one photo from dinner time. 

another day


good times

Wishing I was in the water, enjoying it none the less. Beautiful afternoon in OB.



At the Beach

The past few days we have gone to the beach and collected lots of sand dollars and seen forts along the sand.

State Capitol

Hi this is Sadie and we just went to the state capitol for a day. It was cool because we got to  see lots of old offices and meeting rooms. They even had a glass display case for every county in California. To keep ourselves entertained, Zoe and I counted beards on paintings before 1930. We found that 78% of these paintings had beards. Here are the pictures we took:

I was seriously confused here