Ah, another year of growing up. So many firsts happened this year, as well as some "last times".
This first girl of mine, she is just great. We have done a lot together. Some times it seems with the first child you enter the world of parenthood, holding hands, figuring it all out together. Sometimes I have led the way, and there are other times when she pulls me ahead, knowing just where to go next.
It is a good thing I have such a great girl to do this with. She is forgiving, as I mess up a lot.
And when she gets knocked down, I am there to help her up, dust her off and tell her she can keep going.

Things she loves now:
be with friends
play basketball
paint, draw and write
act and direct her own movies
be silly
be in the ocean
help her littlest sister

Happy Birthday Sadie!


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