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Sunset View Halloween carnival 2014

This was the first year for Avery as a student at the Halloween carnival. Sara made soup to sell and ran the pumpkin painting booth. Emma and Sadie (and Zoe) helped her out, a bit. Tickets and cake walks and costume contests and slime on the teachers and a haunted house... Always a fun time at Sunset View!

soccer game

I was talking to Emma about game strategy. She was trying to act interested and Avery was drawing fans on the sideline. Then Avery got her own paper. She set up a game, a field, a strategy and fans for both teams. Good work.

Avery says

"Mama, when I grow up I am not going to be an artist. I'm going to be a zookeeper."Pause. "Never mind, I am going to be an artist because I want to be with you."