the bakinest one

Christmas baking as ensued, as well as a great way to warm the house. It's December and we have not turned on the heater. I determined to make it to January, well we will see. Sitting in a cold house makes me a bit woeful, so until then, the oven will do the work.
    Counter mess

   A great read, this book!

    The crumbs from yesterday's biscuit cinnamon rolls. Super quick, love them!

My second batch of fudge ever did not work, just as the first did not twelve or so years ago when I last tried. It is like cooking a turkey and baking a pie. If I am to call myself a proper housewife, then I best be able to pull off a batch of fudge.
 I am determined to get it right. Sadie said of the fudge," I can feel every grain of sugar." Exactly. 


Papa said…
Look like brownies. Look good!

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