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Avery's Art

Avery drew this picture of me teaching her to ride her bike. There's even an incline for the uphill slope on our street. This makes me very happy.

fixin' to be a series


work in oil from today


Emma's New Sport

Emma first tried volleyball at the YMCA, but it was slightly too entry level, and she was one of the older kids in her group. So, she was invited to play on a team with one of Sadie's basketball teammates, Kyrielle, coached by Kyrielle's dad. These girls are much older, but they've been great working with Emma, and she's having fun so far. Their first tournament was last weekend. They're in the 14U age group (big time for a 9 year old!).

beautiful Friday


a weekend with Emma

A girl and her bow.

   The shooting range

Candle making around the shepherd's stove
Tribal paint and making personal first aid kits 

Big campfire with other troops
Emma and I headed out to the woods last weekend with Emma's Girl Scout troop for a weekend of cabin camping. The weather was beautiful leaning toward the cool side. We cooked outside, hiked, shot arrows, built Indian hits and traded stuff for acorns. Most all the girls chose their own tribal face paint design while making candles, crafting, learning to knit and generally running amouck in the woods around camp. On a hike up the the archery range, we spotted tracks of all sorts: deer, skunk, raccoon, bobcat, and coyote. It was a good time for us all. Lots of hot cocoa and coffee, s'mores and taco night. Good times with my Em.

CO miscellany

Kids on carts

 The basement can be cold

An actual place (not a postcard)

 See above

Coco and Fred

Personalized cookies

Emma's batch

One of many deer crossings

(Lap) dog

(Great) Grandparents for Christmas

Grandma and Grandpa Heckman came out from Florida

 Emma and Grandma Heckman

Avery and Grandpa Heckman

Heckman dudes

Maude wants in on the conversation