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blues at the beach

After so many cloudy days, including a thunder storm that kept us from the beach, we jumped at the chance to be in the water again. It was well worth it too. 

bayside for a bit

We ran down to the bay for a quick splash not knowing there would not be a beach day to share with Nate while he was in town. You can see the beginning of the storm brewing over the mountains. The next morning we woke to the banging and flashing of a thunderstorm that produced record shattering rainfall for July. (Like it rain more that day than all the Julys for the past ninety years added together.) Sunday we celebrated Sadie's birthday under a shroud of rain that lasted into the night. The kids slid down the hill out back in mud and were totally covered when they were asked to come in.
Monday was clear but the beach water was not, so we made due with a trip to the movies, thanks to Grandpa.

Avery tells time

Avery looked up and read the clock. "It's one forty," she proclaimed. I explained how to read the clock.
She looked up again," It's four one-dee." Hilarity ensued.

Saturday, zoo day

Emma was at an ice-skating birthday party, so the rest of us headed to the good ol' San Diego Zoo. Good day for elephant and giraffe sitings. And we splurged and shared one $5 Coca-Cola Classic. 

Many elephants were out in the sun. 

Elmo was hogging all the food. 

A family of reindeer! (With baby!)

Helicopter at the zoo (for some reason)

Zoo = lots of walking 

...and the Skyfari ride!

homemade, homegrown

Ah, summer. The hope of big, red tomatoes and juicy cucumbers was the inspiration for what I put into the garden this year. Very late, I might add. It was mid-May before I finally picked out some starts at the nursery. Last year I found a pickle cucumber that made many, many cucumbers at a time so I was hunting for it again but did not find it. Those I found have been big producers as well, but I don't remember what the variety is called of course. Something like Lotsa Pickles or Super Pickling or some silly name. I planted the Persian variety as well, which has been a hit; super tasty, juicy, and there is one ready at least every other day. Next year, more of those for sure.

Tomatoes on the other hand have been rather sorry altogether. Between the cloudy days and late start, they have been struggling to grow while flowering at the same time. Next year they will be in the ground by March/April so they have time to grow before the heat sets in and makes them flower. Powdery mildew …

Emma gets promoted, is awesome!

4th grade promotion at Sunset View Elementary is a big deal. So very proud of Emma and all her great work and friendships over 5 years at SSV!
Waiting to be announced 

Big crowd of 4th graders!

With awesome 4th grade teacher, Mr. Harris

Weird cupcakes at the post-event party


Post-game Meal

Closest I get to making dinner.