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These kids


summer around here


good times

Avery just called the 80s "the olden days".

lost on the interwebs

I found a few posts that never published today. Three. So they are all out of order. Or maybe I rewrote them. But none of them just happened. Years have passed for some. It's like you are in a time machine, except they are all from San Diego where virtually everyday looks the same.

beanies and bathing suits


yesterday afternoon

Three hours of late day beach fun, including the beginning of hurricane surf whompers. Big swells were fun to glide over, looking back at the beach. Playing in the waves is always fun. I got a few good rides in, a couple wipe outs and had fun on the boogie board while the big kids played with Avery in the sand. The tide was really low making a great swimming pool for Avery.

paso picacho

One night campout with friends. Avery's first time camping outside of the backyard.