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My Emma

Thinking about Emma tonight, all of the things she does, accomplishes, overcomes and succeeds.

Fifth grade was a tough year, and she did so well. Here we are, another year, she just keeps doing more, fretting and nervous sometimes, confident and aggressive at others.
This soccer season was full of learning, a new field, a new team and new positions. She wanted so much to score while on the field in the forward position and she gots some good looks. In goal, her fearlessness and a little training got her to challenge the opponent, some good bruises and some great saves.

Over the weekend, she competed in a soccer tournament and went through volleyball tryouts. Last week, she completed a mock audition and the real thing for her musical theater class, which had her in tears in the beginning of the year at the thought of it all. Today she went to tap (she is good at that as well, which we only found out because of the free lesson offered by the musical theater choreographer), and found out…