Here comes Sadie and Lady!
During our stay in Colorado, Sadie really liked running thru the woods with Luci, Nate and all the dogs. Her favorite dog was Lady because she was the only one shorter than her. We went to the RadioCity Music Hall and the Rockets' Christmas Spectacular for a girl's day out. Sadie really enjoyed the dancing and singing.

Other than that, she spent a lot of time with her cousins, Luci and Nate. They played and had sleep overs. They got to have ice cream with sprinkles every night at Grandma's! They all enjoyed the electric train that circled the Christmas tree. It even had real smoke as it chug-chugged around the circle. Sadie became an excellent conductor and knew just how fast to make it go without de-railing it.

But her favorite gift was her ruby slippers she received from Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas. She wore them all day and all night, even to bed. Then when we left them at the house, Grandpa packed them in his suitcase and brought them out to us here in NJ after a trip to London. Those shoes are well traveled!
Overall it was a great stay, and wonderful to have a place to call home while we were homeless and waiting to find a home here in New Jersey. Thanks again, Grandpa and Grandma and the whole Lipka bunch.


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