I am cold and miserable out here. I have a tough head cold that is really zapping my energy. SO I wanted to find a warm sunny photo from the archives to remember what it feels like to wear a t-shirt out in the sunshine. This is from Easter of last year. I am really starting to miss the mellow weather on the west coast. But soon spring will be here, right? Grandma Benson says March 15th will be the beginning of spring and she has lived here her whole life, by 87 I think she has a good idea of when it might happen.


Rebekah Lipka said…
Don't worry, I've been in that part of the country in the summer and it's really great. I gets very green there. It's pretty humid and hot but I like that kind of thing.

Nate and Luci are so excited to come help with the sister. I don't think Nate actually understands the whole idea of a new sister, he just wants to go "play with Sadie at her new house."

I really like this blog you're doing...


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