Spring time is here!

Here we are outside enjoying some warm sun and bubbles. We walked down to the bridge to watch the rain water rushing thru the creek across the street. The daffodils are popping up all over, we are just waiting to see the first leaf buds popping on the trees. Nathan is officially off of crutches and able to walk. He starts physical therapy in about a week and will be out of the boot in about four more weeks.

Here are some snaps from today. The last one is of us trying to take a family portrait which did not really work out. The shot we where we were actually all looking at the camera came out fuzzy. We will have to try again tomorrow.

I am struggling a little with this whole blogging process since the program is a bit limiting and I have these ideas about how I want the photos to post and such but I either can't figure how to work the system or my aspirations are too high. I have been reading blogs for about two years now and all of their sites are totally fabulous, professional and really interesting. So this program is somewhat disappointing although it gives me the basics and I don't have to have a degree in computer stuff to figure it out.

Off to fix up some food for dinner, hummm... what should I make?


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