Daylight Savings

Is anyone else having a hard time with this daylight savings switch? It just seems like now it should be summer. I never remember how early this starts! Seems like the day just goes on and on. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to be able to have that extra time at the end of the day, but it takes me a while to remember that I need to start dinner before it is dark. Right now it is 723pm and still light out! I guess this northern local stays light longer than SoCal.

Today was a great outdoors day. It was around 70 here. I even was able to sport a tank top while we were out back kicking the ball around. But our adventure was cut short when Sadie tumbled down the back hill, banging her knee on a rock as she did a somersault, head over heels. We were almost off to the doctor since when she tried to walk on it, her leg would give out. I put her in observation for an hour and it eventually was walkable but still wobbly when running. Then we had movie time and she seems to back to regular strength after a long nap. Good thing kids are bendy! Unfortunately our back hill is basically a pile of rocks with grass growing over it, well patchy grass at that. Her sprinting down the hill at top speed is not really the best for her little knees I am sure, but you can't take the fun out of everything, can you?

Nathan was off to the city today for his first day back in the office. Everything went fine and was easier to get around than he imagined. So that is that, back to work!

Here is you-know-who posing for the camera and pretending to sleep. Love the grin.


Papa said…
I seem to remember two other girls, whose names begin with S, who performed similar feats of acting like Sadie in that picture.

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