I think I have finally vacuumed up all of the Easter grass throughout the house. Maybe the chocolate bunnies were out every night romping in the pastel colored plastic strands because every morning there seemed to be more strewn about. For some reason I love the pastel foil wrappers on Easter candies, it is all the same candy from Halloween, skip the Peeps but something about that pastel foil makes the candy even more desirable.
Nathan painted the baby's room yesterday and so it is finally finished. We went with the green color that was already on the walls. There was a border all around half way up the walls, so we removed that and cleaned up the line of green paint and it turned out very cute. Who knows maybe in a year or so I will use the color I original bought, but Nathan did not really like it so much. Compromise: stick with the green for now.
There is so much more painting I would like to do throughout the house but I just have to wait it out until little Miss Wiggle-bottom has arrived and my energy has returned.

We have another big rain storm on the way, like two to three inches maybe more, with thunder and wind. Thankfully no more snow.

Here is my most recently completed knitting project, a sweet little jacket for little Miss Wiggle-bottom.



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