I can see the finish line...

Well we have an actual date for a c-section if this little wigglebottom still refuses to come out on her own. I really don't like picking the birthdays of our children, seems like it should be up to them to decide. Oh well, what can you do. Sadie is excited to have her new sister here, I think she has some sort of twisted two year old concept about the new baby coming. Her favorite new movie is Dumbo but she has not asked if a stork is going to bring the baby home.
Meanwhile there was a blizzard in Colorado last night, so the grandparents maybe stuck there for another day rather than arriving here today as expected.
Not much else going on here. Everything is starting to grow here with all the warm weather. Yesterday I drove thru a neighborhood where everyone had a pink magnolia tree in their gardens and they were all blooming quite beautifully.
Oh and the other day Nathan and I were sitting out back in the sun and a huge turkey walked thru the woods at the back of the property, a big Tom. Now that is weird!


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