Another bit a Jersey

So the man who was selling us new siding decides to say, "Did you know there is a nudist colony in Basking Ridge?" as we are signing the contract. I guess by then he figured we were committed and he could say anything just to make conversation. But really, is that ever something you say to someone you are selling something to unless you are selling memberships to the nudist colony? Any who, these are the folks we meet out here in New Jersey. Amilda told me about one of her patient's daughters who just had a baby in South America. I responded saying that New Jersey was enough of a foreign country to have children in for me.

This afternoon Sadie decided that clothes no longer had any use for her and she would frolic about without. Which is what reminded me of this bit of Jersey from the other night. Emma was just being brand conscious.


Papa said…
I'm not sure Sadie will be able to get on at the Basking Ridge Country Club Course in that "suit".

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