Holy Fire Flies, Batman!

Fireflies, fireflies everywhere. Wow, I felt like I was floating down the musty river in Pirates of the Carribean but these were not flickering lights hanging from a thread, they were real bugs blinking away, looking for a sweetheart on a Saturday night. They are just so amazing! It reminds me of one of my favorite blogs and illustrators here and this and a last one. Ah, they make me happy


Papa said…
I was wondering when they would emerge, in your area, to begin their romantic search. I remember catching them in Michigan, the summers I visited there. They really are amazing. Are they now Sadie's favorite bugs?
1000hats said…
Nathan just took her out tonight to see the show. They don't come out until about nine pm. Today while we were out she was picking up the carpenter ants and taking them to lunch, which was on one of the ash trees along the driveway. She said that is where their families were. She really likes the fire flies but she really likes all bugs. She was carrying a cricket around one afternoon and a june bug another day. She said the june bug needed drinks because it was thirsty and it needed to take a bath. So she put it in a puddle from watering the flowers.

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