Nathan's "Business" Trip

So I went to Europe with a couple work folks last week. A day in Milan for a meeting, then two days at the French Open and more meetings in Paris. Milan was not too exciting, mostly because we were in and out in 25 hours and we spent most of our time inside of buildings (not the cool old historic ones, just the industrial types built late in the last century). Paris was more mellow (and slightly less work). I got to hang out with my dad for dinner one night, caught some tennis, and went to every athletic shoe store in Paris that matters. I'm excited to go back soon and take Sara. A couple more photos attached below.

A laugh a minute...

French Kids

Streets of paris

French Department Store

Rooftop dinner


Papa said…
Cool pics. Great to have your Dad meet you there, to show you around a bit. Hope all is well with you on your new Fila project.

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