Here are the girls snuggling under the "tovers." Our hot water is back! The water heater exploded on Friday night while we were sleeping. We had to wait until today to get a plumber out here to fix it. The siding is still going up thru heat, humidity and rain! Kind of like the postal service. There are thunder storms predicted this afternoon so the hammering is at a feverish pace to stay on schedule.
We will post some pictures once it is all finished.


Papa said…
The way Emma looks at the camera and Sadie, I can't help but think that Emma has something to say. These ar really neat photos of the two girls together.
Papa said…
Taggers, who need them? Where is spell check, anyway?
1000hats said…
Emma really likes to watch Sadie. She is really entertained by her as long as she is not right in her face. But Emma does talk a lot so she does have much to say. She is just so funny. Sadie's new thing is asking for you to tell her a story about... and she gives you a subject for the story. Today she asked for a story about really cold water, walking in the dirt, and something else. I have forgotten now. Two goof balls, that what I got!

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