Too tired to play...

Okay, so some how this time around we got a baby who just wants to lay down so she can go to sleep. No rocking, or singing, or walking around. Just lay her down and she will figure out how to get to sleep. This comes as a shock that these types really exsist after Sadie. I have heard many a mom tell how their child just goes to sleep or wants to be left alone to fall deeply off to sleep. And I have heard the mom's tell about the baby that would only sleep in her arms or with a certain blanket or whatever too. Not until now have I actually experienced a baby that really just wants to lay down away from all other distractions and just sleep. Wow, it sure is nice. Now, how to get a three year old to go to bed before midnight...that is our next challenge.


Papa said…
It may not be exclusive to the baczynski side of the family, but my Dad took pictures of me as an infant/toddler sleeping in the most unusual places, including meal time. I obviously grew out of that habit.

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