Fourth of July...

This is actually from Sunday. We went to a new park this afternoon that was the extent of our celebration, oh and I made the flag cake found in MS Living a couple years ago. I have been wanting to make it for a long time so decided this was the time. It was really yummy.

Last night I had a dream that Emma laughed for the first time and I told her about it this morning. Then this afternoon I was singing Pat-A-Cake and she laughed for the first time! I just remembered that I had the dream tonight while I was nose to the grind stone on the sewing machine. I was finishing up a quilt that I started for Sadie when I think she was one or so...yes it has taken awhile to complete. But it is now complete!!

Below are some more of us girls. I thought the one of little Emma with her tongue out just too cute. I had just finished taking about a million pictures, I think she was telling me what she thought of it all. Well I am off to bed.


nate said…
Ya'll look great!
Papa said…
The girly-girl pictures are great!

That quilt,you made Sara, is very good. To me, it's wall art quality.

Have you thought of adding this media to your artist gallery?

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