Knit Knack

Here is the "e" raglan sweater I made for Emma. The pattern is from a Debbie Bliss book and I added the e by stitching over the yellow stitches. The yarn is Debbie Bliss- cashmerino aran. It went quite quickly but I hope it still fits her when the weather is cooler. It should, it is quite baggy. I also want to do a "s" sweater for Sadie in the same style.

The weather is beautiful. I really do like it back here even though some may think I don't by all of my "Jersey" posts. It is just so different than San Diego, where I have lived all my years up until now.
Some things that are different that I enjoy:

green grass without the use of a hose
lots of really really tall trees
a Bambi like spring
bunnies, deer, and chipmonks everywhere
old houses


Papa said…
Cool pics of all.

The house siding looks white. Are the shutters black? It looks good (nice and "new").
1000hats said…
yeah, our house is "white and black shutters" as Sadie says everytime we go up the driveway.

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