Little Miss M

good hands

Emma is three months today!
She has discovered that after her thumb the best entertainment is watching all the things she can make her hands do. Today while she was on her gym mat she grabbed the butterfly and would not let go. She was quite pleased at how she could hold on to its legs and pull and shake. Also, while doing some "tummy time", she held her head off the floor to look around for quite some time. The milestones are flying by.
On the Sadie front, she has been busy with books, bugs and bubbles. We went the library on Tues and today to get out. She had a bunch of fun. Later she explained that one of the girl's mom was calling her Katie not Sadie. She was a bit upset about it in the Sadie kind of way. We decided on a circus theme for her b-day party since she had so much fun with Nathan when they went. We don't have any elephants or tigers planned to be there, but who knows what Nathan will pull off last minute.

Tonight we had "vasagna" and oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies for dessert, so she was a happy kid. Today she told me that chocolate chip cookies are her favorite. We also made some chocolate crinkle cookie dough and when Sadie saw the big blocks of unsweetened chocolate she was like a cat who smells tuna. She grabbed one of the squares and stuffed it up to her mouth and looked side-eyed at me. I told her she could not have it because it was not sweet and it would not taste good. She handed the square back but she thought I was pulling her leg. So later after I had melted the chocolate and she had asked for a square about twenty times and pleaded her case as to why she needed to have it, I gave her a chance to taste it. So she dipped her finger lightly on the back of the spoon and up to her mouth, still with the sideways glance. And after she stuck it on her tongue I asked her if she liked it and she shook her head no. I told her that it was not sweet, first we needed to add the sugar. So we did and then she tried it again, this time approving much more of the taste. The kid is addicted to chocolate. She loves it.
One day she had found a bag of Dove dark chocolates in the office and she came up stairs to see me, I was feeding Emma. Her mouth was stuffed full and there were chocolately smears all over her. I asked her about it and she agreed that she had been eating chocolate. But I realized later that she had eaten five or so by the evidence of the wrappers strewn about the office.


Papa said…
Emma sure is growing. Does she still kick her legs, while she's trying to grab or focus on her animals and "buds".
Papa said…
Thanks for the great photo of Emma. It made my day!
Papa said…
Are we going to have "vasagna" for Sadie's Birthday? That would be a special treat for us, too.

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