Norman Rockwell-esque

Here is our new garden by the back gate. We discovered that our soil is 20% dirt and 80% rocks! Not too fun for planting out, but now I want to put in flowers everywhere! Everything is sooo formal here it is starting to get to me. After we put in this little bit, thanks to Nathan's suggestion, I want some more color all over.

Also Sadie likes to talk on our new kitchen phone so here are some snaps from that. And also the little Peter Rabbit who comes in to eat grass in the back each night with his mother.

And one more story from today...we were walking up the driveway and Sadie spies a huge ant. She picks it up and says "He likes me, he thinks I am cute and I am smart..." These are the things she comes up with!


Papa said…
Where'd you find those decorative rocks?
Papa said…
Hopefully, Peter and friends won't find anything in your new garden too delicious. Looks nice, especially with the fence as a backdrop.
1000hats said…
Nathan bought them at the garden center in town. They sell them by the pound.
Papa said…
I funnily-figured you "found" them, while digging for the garden. They do look like they were meant for their intended use.
It's great to have updates with all the photos and stories and we're anxious to see you all, in person soon.

Love, Papa.
1000hats said…
Well some of the rocks are from digging the holes but the majority of the rocks here are small which makes it even harder to dig! I was not exaggerating when I said 80 rocks and 20 soil!

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