Tales from the ER

Okay so I never thought there would come a day when I would need to use tweezers to remove an object from my child's nose but that day has come. Although, I must admit that I already have some experience removing miscellaneous items from noses. Yes, as a mere 5 year old I was called upon to remove one dry pinto bean that had found its way up Sonja's nose, which I was able to accomplish with ease. This was back in the days before strict laws were in effect regarding daycare toys. For some reason the table filled with dry beans was taken off the list of acceptable items that should be present in a daycare these days. Anywho, back to the story about tweezers...Emma and I are in the office and I hear Sadie playing out in the living room. Next I hear funny breathing and many sneezes. Then Sadie says, " Mama, I keep sneezing..." pause "Mama, I hurt." And now bursting into tears and crying, "I hurt, I hurt, my nose." So I run out to meet her in the hall and her nose sounds really stuffed up. I bend over and try to look up into her nostril that she says really hurts but I see nothing. I try touching it and she freaks out. So then she tells me that she has button stuck in her nose. I make her lay down in the light and I look up her nose once again and spy a thin red button lodged. She is really crying and freaking out so I tell her that I am going to get the tweezers so I can get it out and she starts screaming about that. Once back down stairs she sees the tweezers and runs away. So I go into this discussion about how if I can't get it out she has to go to the doctor right not so he can remove it. She is not too fond of that idea. After a back and forth battle about who shall remove the button, she agrees to lay down and be still so the button can be extracted. So carefully, slowly I determine the best method of removing the button and she is being very steady and still. Pop! It comes out and everything is better. Sadie is a little scared and upset but I praise her for being so good while I took it out and she calms down and recounts all the events that just took place. So now I realize that I need to babyproof the house once again. There are little bits of stuff every where and I would prefer them to be in a drawer and not in a wee one's nose.


Alisha said…
I have had to remove some small things from Jared's nose, but have not yet had to use tweezers (thank goodness). I have serious doubts about his ability to sit still enough to use tweezers on him. One time he put a big seed up his nose and I was able to plug the other side and told him to blow. Amazingly enough, it flew out. The next time it was a little bean. It wasn't up there too far, so I was able to start at the top of his nose and squeeze it out.

What is the draw to stick things up your nose anyway? "Ooh look, a hole! I wonder what I can get to fit into it???" Fortunately (HA) for us, Jared has just started picking his nose...constantly. He tells us, "I'm getting a booger out." He hasn't eaten the boogers yet, so that's a good thing. I know that day is coming.
1000hats said…
Oh yes, the day will come.
Alisha said…
I shouldn't have spoken so early. Tonight we had Matt's sister and her family over for a swim and pizza. Jared was sitting on the couch and sure enough...the finger went into the nose, then slyly into the mouth. Darn!

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