Okay, I think Sadie finally is caught up on her sleep from all the roaring days and nights spent with cousins frolicking about. Yesterday she woke from a three hour nap and was not crying, but ready to do something fun. I, on the other hand, have not quite recovered for what ever reason. Too many things to do and not enough sleep, I guess. Emma seems to be back in the habit of eating multiple times a night so that has had me up more than normal. I need like a week of uninterupted sleep, so I am not falling asleep on the floor next to Emma while Sadie runs around the house doing whatever comes to mind.

Sadie found a magic feather in the front yard today that she was all excited about when I came home from grocery shopping. No, I did not leave her out in the yard while I went to the store, she was here with Nathan.

I wish I had some really fantastic photos to post but alas I don't. The batteries are dead yet again and I have not replaced them. Oh well, you will have to settle for this stock photo.


Papa said…
Sadie, doing her bent over TV repair tech. routine??

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