Brown-eyed Girl

I know, I know. These pictures are basically the same but she was just too cute so I HAD to post all of these. But actually there are more that I left unposted. So, yes I do take way too many pictures of our kids. But I am not emailing them out to everyone I know, you all have made a choice to look at the site and be overrun with baby pictures. I guess some people consider getting emails from family and friends of their kids or grandkids as boring and on the level of junk mail from what I read in an article in the paper. But I don't think these same people receive an inordinate amount of forwards with pictures of cute, little, winking kittens and angels with moving wings ,or all the information that you should know if you are ever caught walking thru a dark parking lot ,or how to escape if someone locks you in your trunk ,or if you send this chain letter to 400 people in the next 15 seconds the wish that you write at the bottom of the page will come true in one week ,or any other assortment of facts, fibs, and frivolous knowledge to clutter your mind and your trash can. Or at least that is my perspective. So anyway did I tell you how cute little Emma-M is?

Sadie has been coming up with some really great three-year old logic, and otherwise silly statements about what she sees around her. Nathan told her that if she ate too much of something she would turn into that something the other day. So tonight when she was going to bed she asked if she could come down and be with us but of course we have to be mean and say no. So she says "But Daddy, if you stay up to late you will turn into a...(pause for reflection) couch." This is the freshest in my mind and I know there has been a dozen or so others that I said I HAD to remember but they have floated out of my mind and into oblivion. She also has been saying about everything, "This is my favorite ______ in the whole world", and "Mama, you are my best friend forever." So that leads me to write the following poem that I printed off another blogger mom's site. Ever so appropriate for Sadie girl.

"There was a little girl with a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid!"

Insert random story here:
When I was in forth grade we would watch this show in class on PBS called, "Palabra Jot." And every once in awhile the song just pops into my head like when I was writing the above sentence regarding my mind and oblivion. The song went "Palabra jot, palabra jot, write a little, write a lot." The host was this turtle puppet thing, like something from Jim Henson but not furry. Very weird, very, very weird. Or maybe it was a grasshopper. Oh, geez, now I am all mixed up! I know it was something green...I also had a math teacher who said," Who absconded with my pencil?" on a regular basis, good ol' Mr Alexander, and another math teacher who would say," Meanwhile, back at the ranch..." after he took role, good ol' Mr Crowson.

Sadie and Emma and I went shopping for some new shoes for Sadie. We were at the store and trying on a pair that she really liked and once we found the right size she went over to look at them in the mirror because she REALLY likes to look in the mirror and practice dramatics,etc. So she slowly creeps up to the mirror and stops short of being in the reflection, takes a deep breath and leans over so just her face is reflecting, grinning all the while. Then I tell her to go ahead and look so she prances out in front of the mirror and she is just so excited at what she sees. She had the sales woman laughing. But after that everything she saw she wanted to have. "Mama, I want that. No, I need that, Mama." So then we go to the Gap and if it was up to her, we would have walked out with one of everything, but luckily there were kids there which are much more interesting than clothes. We picked out thisdress. I love it, too bad they don't have one in my size or I would have one too. I have some plans for a sweater to match made with some yarn that I have and was intending to make something for her anyway. The colors are perfect. I hope, I hope. But the dress is big so she could wear it for a long time so I do have some time. I just can't knit fast enough to keep up with all of the great patterns I keep finding!


Papa said…
Don't worry about posting photos and stories of yourself, Nate, Sadie, and Emma....and we all know that Sadie and Emma are cutie-pies, but we don't mind reading it from you.

Funny how experiences with your children tend to bring back memories of your younger days. All the more reason to continue posting.

Sadie's three-year old logic will likely expand exponentially when she starts pre-school, so be prepared.

Can't wait to see the Sweater and dress ensemble.

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